Corporate Social Responsibility

Hanse-Service – We create lasting values!

We refer to it as our duty to take responsibility for our business activities. It is our belief that economic success and social responsibility go together.

The Hanse-Service Internationale Fachspedition GmbH concetrates on following specifc fields:


Environmentally friendly and sustainable logistics:

We contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods. Our photovoltaic-powered logistics center, we have been setting new standards in 2015.

Soarstrom beim Logistiker Hanse Service - Erneuerbare Energie

Life in the forest Samboja Lestari:
We support the conservation project in Borneo Samboja and contribute to long-term security of a unique habitat for orangutans, sun bears and numerous other animal and plant species.

Social Engagement:

We uphold our commitment to corporate responsibilty for animals!

So our management personally involved as a regular member of the “alliance against abuse of animals eV (BMT)”.

Hamburg Leuchtfeuer

Companies Humanity is a nonprofit organization and operates in Hamburg a hospice for terminally ill and dying people. We like to support this humane institution by the regular purchase of small Christmas bears for us and our customers.

Employee Commitment:

A high employee engagement and a strong attachment are the guarantors of corporate success of Hanse-Service. The employee structure is characterized by constancy. The Hanse-serve fueling family traditionally attaches great importance to a cooperation. We also place great emphasis on the training of young and give young people not only an opportunity but also a medium to long-term perspective.