Cool Chain | Temperature Controlled Transports!

Cool Chain | Temperature controlled transport in Germany, Europe, Asia, USA and worldwide.

Mumbai 50 degrees – the goods sweat, Moscow minus 30 degrees the goods freezing – This does not correspond to the comfort zone of your products!

Your temperature-sensitive goods and products need permanently the correct temperature for quality, storage, transportation in the air, at sea or in the truck in the entire supply chain from door to door.

We secure our Cool Chain Logistics Partner correct and appropriate temperature for each individual transport individually for your product elaborate and long-proven transport throughs.

Unsere Cool chain Transportexperten planen den richtigen produktgerechten Transportweg über:

  • Sea – active import and export thermal shipments by sea with reefer container
  • Airfreight – Envirotainer and passive packaging
  • Truck – temperature-controlled truck transports in Western and Eastern Europe of minus (-) 30 degrees and plus (+) 30 degrees
  • Paket – passive thermal packaging throughout the world.
    Up to 120 hours ensures the right temperature.

Sprechen Sie uns an für Ihre unternehmensspezifischen Anforderungen.

Wir planen für Ihr Unternehmen und Ihren Produkten angepasste Cool chain Transportwege, damit die Ware sicher und in der erwarteten Qualität an Ihren Endkunden geliefert wird.

As a logistics partner for temperature-sensitive goods, our core competencies are in the range of

Healthcare, pharmaceutical products, medical / pharmaceutical,

food and organic products.

(GDP – Good Distribution Practices)

(Certified organic logistics)