Logistik für Pharmaprodukte, Arztneimittel und Pharmaindustrie - Zur Internetseite Pharmalogisticspartner.com

Customized logistics services for the pharma industry, biotechnology and drug manufacturer.

Intelligent full service ex-works to the point of sale (POS), supply chain management solutions, organised on the basis of the German Pharmaceuticals Law and GDP, also monitoring during transport, customs warehouse and temperature-controlled storage.

Further information is available at: Pharmalogisticspartner.com

Logistik für Bioprodukte - biozertifizierte Logistik | Biologistik

Organic food is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

Certified logistics according to DE-ÖKO-006 for your products, thought-through and sustainably organised. Sourcing, import, customs, dispatch, all from a single source. Assured product quality with transparency through best before date and batch management.

Further information at: Biologisticspartner.com

Cool Chain - Logistik von temperatursensible Waren und Güter | Kältetransporte / Kühltransporte

Time and temperature sensitive products require their own comfort zone.

Temperature controlled transport of food products, paints, organic products, raw materials, medicines, oils and more!

Cool Chain and Supply Chain Management – Regardless plus or minus temperature we provide the perfect solution for your products over all continents and climate zones.

International Cross trade – selling from Asia, USA, Europe, East Europe.

You require expired services from one hand for all operations.

You have to secure your supplier and like to use direct transports, looking for solutions,to save time and costs in deliveries? We support you in blinding/neutralization cargo, arrange customs clearance, using bonded warehouse by road, air and sea since 1983, with Government GDP / AMG §52a allowance of Handling Medicine and API’s narcotic drug warehousing.

Temperature-specific solutions from a single source.  We transport airfreight in and from all parts of the world, mostly with temperature control for sensitive products of the semiconductor world, foodstuffs, frozen products, pharmaceutical products and much more.

With active air freight container in all temperatures as well as passive thermal packs. Comprehensive AIR SOLUTIONS: truck thermal pick-up with temperature guarantee from the production site and door-door delivery in all parts of the world with continuous cooling chain logistics.

Procurement and distribution logistics services over Germany, Europe and Asia.

Sourcing and dispatch logistics, globally by sea, air, lorry, express, customs handling, distribution to the point of sale (POS).

Mehr zum Supply Chain Management / Wertschöpfungskette

Established information chains, a commonly developed standard, IT supported interfaces by professionals, practised throughout the world, offer competitive advantages in the pharmaceuticals logistics and other branches.

Mehr zur Lagerlogistik der Hanse Service GmbH.

IT-based goods flow, E-Commerce logistics, scanner based picking, personal access to our ELOG system, quick respone times and optimized handling.


Hanse-Service – We create Supply Chain Solutions!

From international sourcing, warehousing with batches, first in – first out, best before date management, order picking by scanner, and value added service to the dispatch service, we offer perfected pharmaceuticals logistics. As a pharmaceuticals specialist we offer you an individually suited full service at any time up to the point of sales.

Create planning security for your orders and goods by cooperating with a logistics company that has over 30 years of experience. We also offer motivated experts in logistics, the most modern computer bar code scanners and transport technology are used to fulfil your highest requirements and services.

Our global logistics network guarantees local contract partners, who will live up to your expectations at any time.

Ask us for a solution for your comprehensive transport tasks.

We offer better service, performance and quality:

Service: We are authentic and create transparency along the entire Supply Chain. We offer flat hierarchies and clearly defined chains of communication and decision making. With Hanse-Service Internationale Fachspedition GmbH you are counting on a strong and reliable partner with over 30 years experiences.

Performance: We do not know problems separate only solutions. We offer customized logistics solutions under the one roof.

Quality: Modern warehouse management system, automated and lean processes as well as an audited Quality Management System are making a contribution to ensure the integrity and quality of your producuts along the entire supply chain.